Take A Drive Up Mount Evans With Us

The Aspire Team
September 14, 2023

Alpine roads are a literal rite of passage for Coloradans.

Whether it’s sitting in traffic on i-70 on your way to some fresh powder, weaving your way to iconic towns like Breckenridge or Aspen, or slogging your way back home on a summer Sunday, the elevation change and grandeur of our mountain roads are hard to top.

One, in particular, offers a limited opportunity to summit a 14er without even having to lace up your trusty hiking boots. That would be the mighty Mount Evans, home to the highest paved road in North America.

Where Is Mount Evans?

A calm lake, Echo Lake, sits at the base of the majestic 14,000 foot mountain, Mount Evans.
Echo Lake near the base of Mt. Evans.

Look west from Denver. See that BIG mountain rising prominently above the others? That’s Mt. Evans, topping out at 14,130 feet. 

While it isn’t in Rocky Mountain National Park it is indeed in the Front Range of the Rocky Mountains about 50 miles west from Denver. And you can get there. Easily. By car. (OR, may we suggest a super comfortable tour van? We’ll drive!)  

When Is Mount Evans Road Open?

Ah, yes. The tricky part. Part of being blessed with soaring mountains and a long ski season means 14ers like Mt. Evans stay snow-covered for quite a while. Sometimes, snow remains on the summit year-round.

This means you have to wait for much of that snow to melt and the roads to be cleared. The Mount Evans season is typically only between June and September each year.

Is The Mount Evans Scenic Byway Worth It?

A windy road cuts through the steep mountain, with a sea of clouds in the distance.
Highest elevation paved road in North America, Mount Evans Scenic Byway climbing up to 14, 130 feet above sea level.

Oh heck yeah! Especially when we’ll do the driving for you.

Our tour first takes you to the world-famous Red Rocks Amphitheatre for a quick stop and stroll around the grounds. Sometimes, you’ll even catch a band doing sound check for their show that evening.

From there, we’ll drive up the Lariat Loop National Scenic Byway, grab some coffee in a charming mountain town, then hit the Mount Evans Scenic Byway for a stunning drive to the summit.

We certainly can’t guarantee you’re going to see wildlife, but this is pretty much where mountain goats live and breed, so we’re not afraid to say it’s highly likely. Just promise not to be mad if you don’t! You’ve also got a chance of spotting bison, elk, and more animals along the drive.

After some time at the summit, we’ll add some bonus stops at the beautiful Echo Lake Park for a picnic lunch, and stop for a photo opp at Summit Lake Park as well for another chance at wildlife spotting.

See how we add value to a simple drive up the mountains? That’s a lot packed into a single tour.

So yeah, Mount Evans is worth it (if you go with us).

What Should I Bring To Mount Evans?

A jacket! As we’ve mentioned, you’re going to be way the heck up there when we step out, and there might even still be some snow! The summit stays chilly and windy year-round, so even if it’s balmy in Idaho Springs, you’re going to need a jacket at the top.

Oh, and don’t forget your camera!

How Do I Take A Mount Evans Tour? 

A majestic, fluffy mountain goat and its baby look at the camera on top of Mt. Evans.
Mountain goats call Mt. Evans home, and you're likely to see one or several on your trip up!

Easy part! Just get all the details and sign up right here


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