7 Reasons You Need To Try Fly Fishing

The Aspire Team
May 16, 2023

Fly fishing — No boat, no problem. Some love it, some hate it, but it’s hard to argue that there’s a pure, natural beauty to walking along a lake, river, or stream and seeing an angler out there in the water, the soft morning light catching his line as he casts out into the water.

Fly fishing is wilder somehow, perhaps because it is. In our opinion, it’s the purest, most active and FUN form of fishing.

Sure, the gear is goofy, but so is the lycra-clad peloton that loudly clicks around and takes over your local coffee shop every weekend morning. But you know what — they have fun! Fly fishermen and women do too.

Fly fishing is for the true outdoorsmen and women. Those who like a challenge, who want to immerse themselves in the sights, smells, and sounds of nature. And, those who want to catch some dang fish.

If you’re not yet convinced, here are seven reasons you need to hop on a fly fishing tour and try your hand at angling in the wild.

1. It’s Active

Fly fishing gives an Aspire Guide a workout
Casting the line while fly fishing is just one way it's a more active sport

The biggest difference between fly fishing and other forms is that it’s much more active. You don’t just hop in the boat, cast your line, and wait for your bobber to drop. You are actively trying to reel in fish the entire time.

Sometimes you’re in a boat floating along with the current, other times you’re actually in the river, waist deep, casting your line into that one calm, deeper portion of the river where the fish take a break. You’re scanning the water, testing your cast, trying different flies. It’s a fun game to get it just right and reel one in.

You can also hike out to your chosen fishing spot, adding an even more active element to the experience. Maybe you’ll find that perfect little lake, stream, or patch of river that no one seems to know about. It becomes your spot — your place to go when you need a little break from it all. How cool is that?

2. Fly Fishing Is Challenging

A guide points out where to cast while fishing on the Arkansas River
A guide can show you the ropes while out on the river

Fly fishing is indeed a challenge. Over time, you gain a feel of the rod and the line, learning the motion to cast overhead. You learn the river — where the fish like to hang out and where they run. You learn where you like to wade in or float, where you like to aim, and where you like to break for lunch.

You learn about yourself, too. The quiet contemplation. It’s incredibly meditative. The serenity of being on or in the water. It’s a powerful way to enjoy nature because you’re literally immersed in it.

It helps to have someone to teach you and take you to a great spot, but once you get the hang of it, and once you do land your first trout, it’s an incredible feeling.

3. BUT, It’s Easy to Learn

While fly fishing is hard to get good at, much like golf, it’s rather easy to learn. You start with getting to know your gear, then learning the casting motion, then you get to know the water and the fish.

At first, you’ll be tossing that fly all over. But once you learn the motion and force required to drop your fly into your intended target, it’s incredibly satisfying. Sort of like hitting your wide receiver in stride with the perfect pass.

4. It’s a Great Way to Get Outside

A guide fly fishes in Salida with snow-capped mountains in the background
Colorado is one of the most beautiful states to spend a day on the river

Any type of fishing gives you the opportunity to get outside, but none quite like fly fishing.

With fly fishing, you’re out there. You have to venture to that lake, that stream, or that river and make your way to your favorite spot (or, get someone to take you). Fly fishing allows you to really unplug and connect with nature.

Listen to the flow of the water, the rustle of the leaves. Marvel in its simplicity and give gratitude for your place in it all.

5. Those Views!

Fly fishing is hard to beat for scenery. It’s all about becoming one with Mother Nature. She provides (fish) for of you, it’s your responsibility to take care of her. Show her some respect, and envelop yourself in her bounty.

Watch the way the steam rises as the morning sun hits the chilly water. Maybe an eagle soars overhead, or a deer, elk, or even moose drops by for a drink. Catch a glimpse of that one fish that won’t bite but taunts you with a leap out of the water.

Notice you’re not thinking about your life back home? Your deadlines or your responsibilities? Yeah, you’re fly fishing now.

6. There’s Beauty in the Imperfections

Waders make a fly fisher comfortable while standing in cool water
Patience and persistence are two of the most important lessons of a successful fly fishing excursion

Fly fishing isn’t about perfection. There’s no one right way to do it.

To use another sports analogy, there are many different ways to swing a bat. The same goes for casting. Don’t worry if you’re not getting it quite right at first — very few do! But you’ll find the motion that works for you. Then, you’ll smack one out of the park, err, catch a fish.

That learning process is beautiful. Mastering something you suck at is so rewarding. And it can happen in the span of an hour. Watch where you are at the end of the day compared to the beginning.

7. It’s Fun!

Most. Important. Reason.

It’s our biggest reason to do anything. Let’s have some fun! Fly fishing is a true blast, whether you’re alone, or with us on one of our fly fishing tours. We’ll literally float the boat for you, all you have to do is laugh with your group, work on your cast, and reel them in.

You’ll never forget the first time a trout sucks your reel into its mouth and you feel you line tense beneath your fingers. It’s a rush that never gets old and one you experience it, you’ll be hooked. Pun intended!

Try Fly Fishing with Aspire Tours

Don’t just take our word for it — try it yourself. We offer Colorado fly fishing tours that allow you to cast everything away. We provide all of the gear and transportation, you just need to be ready to have some fun.

Whether you’re an experienced angler or first-timer, we’ll build you a custom tour to suit your group’s needs and experience level. We’ll even pack lunch! Check the calendar and let’s go find some fish.


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