Why Visit The Rocky Mountains in the Winter?

The Aspire Team
March 25, 2024

When you think of winter in the Rocky Mountains, what comes to mind?

Probably Colorado’s epic ski resorts, right?

While we have deep powder love for ski season, there’s surely more to do in the mountains than shred some pow! To help us out, we asked the ultimate “things to do” experts – our guides!

Our knowledgeable, local guides spend more time in the Rocky Mountains all year round than almost anyone. We asked what their favorite things about these majestic peaks are in the wintertime, and they answered.


"Visiting the ski towns in December with all their Christmas charm, especially Breck and Vail."

From Steamboat to Salida, Fairplay to Frisco, and Georgetown to Glenwood Springs, nearly every Colorado mountain town has its own unique way of celebrating the holidays. While they’re all worth a visit, we especially love Breckenridge in December for the holiday cheer and the lighting of Breckenridge. There is seriously no shortage of things to do in Breck, and you can do (almost) all of them on our Breckenridge Mountain Explorer tour this winter.


"Snowboarding season, 100 percent! I love that I can drive just an hour out from Denver and hit the slopes. I also love that RMNP is less crowded, and with the snow, it feels magical."

Colorado has the most iconic slopes in the country for skiing and snowboarding, and for good reason: our 28 resorts offer world-class skiing well above 10,000 feet, right in our backyard. We know this is what most often brings people to town in the winter, but so often, visitors miss just how special Rocky Mountain National Park and others are this time of year. 

RMNP sees over four million visitors every year and the vast majority come to hike, camp, and sightsee in the summer months. That means they miss those serene views of white blankets coating the mountains and trees, providing an enchanting and otherworldly experience. Now that you’re in on the secret, don’t waste it: make the most of RMNP with our sightseeing or winter hiking tour


"Winter bike rides up Highway 34 into RMNP. Yes, you will freeze your buns off, but good lord almighty, it’s the most fun you’ll ever have."

This experience is not for the faint-hearted, but for those willing to go to all lengths to get up and personal with spectacular views. Cyclists from all over the world travel to Colorado for our grueling but scenic bike routes: the physical challenge of our lofty altitude (ideal for bragging rights) makes it only more fulfilling when you complete your journey. We don’t lead winter bike tours, but maybe you can convince Kyle to take you on a ride.


"Hiking when everything is still and noises are deadened by a fresh layer of snow."


"A frosty sunrise walk around the lake!"

There’s a reason we had more than one guide say winter hikes in Colorado are their favorite – because they are truly unmatched. Even in Colorado, so many of us spend our days surrounded by people, (Denver metro is home to 3 million people!) and while that’s not necessarily a bad thing, escaping to quiet, snow-covered serenity surrounded by 14,000 foot peaks is an experience like no other. For many of us, it’s why we live here, and why we keep going back for more.

And you know what? It’s not as chilly as you think – especially not when you’re in it together with a group of fellow adventurers.

Let us take you to your peace on our RMNP Hiking Tour!


"The ice and frost, and animal tracks in the snow."

The Rocky Mountains are home to nearly 1,000 species of wildlife, making it one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Many are even active throughout the winter, so if you get to explore, you might just pick up on some animal tracks in the snow. Our knowledgeable guides can even likely tell you what they are. 

See the best of Colorado winters with our guides!

Whether you seek the thrill of outdoor sports or simply desire the serene beauty of a winter landscape, the Rocky Mountains in winter offer a captivating and magical escape. The good news for you? We’ll take you there year-round and know all of the best and most accessible spots.

You don’t have to trudge far to find epic views in the Rockies. We’ll show you. Skip the crowds, take the road less traveled, and take a journey with us this winter


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